General Questions

Yes we also have qualified electricians in-house to give free consultancy

This is really a very individual requirement and obviously a cosmetic issue. As long as you have enough wattage for the room the size is less important. See our assistance section.

There are no hard and fast rules. As long as the wattage is sufficient to light the room in the way you require, the style of the light is the customer’s choice. The only exception being where waterproofing is required for certain bathrooms and open air areas.

The quick answer is no. However ordinary (retro fit) energy saving bulbs are improving in size brightness and variation all the time and it is a rapidly changing market. We must assume that all bulbs will be made in an energy efficient version before too long. Look out for the energy efficient symbol on our online shop this indicates that it is only available as an energy saving product.

In most cases even if not on display or shown on our online shop matching wall lighting will be available. Quite often there will be matching table and floor lamps in a range, which will be available to order. Go to contact us and make an inquiry for more information.

Our staff has been trained to read building plans and we offer a free lighting consultancy service in our showroom. This can help customers select the correct products to give their new build the best possible lighting design.

We can accept all currencies, in particular Euro which we can offer very favourable rates.

Yes. We have car-parking for up to 30 vehicles on our own property and also the public road is open and very accessible.

We have a number of delivery options available. If the customer is very local to the shop the delivery may even be made free of charge.


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