Collection of Table Lamps

Browse our beautiful collection of table lamps our table lamps are particularly renowned for their charming decorative features.

Tables lamps come in lots of different styles and sizes for different purposes for entrance halls, reception rooms, cosy snugs and little bedrooms.

Some table lamps can be strategically placed  to add a dimension of depth to your lighting scheme, using light from different angles to accentuate parts of the room.

Find a Stylish Table Lamp here with JR Lighting we offer a large selection of table lamps to suit your needs.


Collection of Table Lamps From JR Lighting

Our wide range of bedroom lamps are perfect for those late night reading sessions. To make things slightly easier, why not invest in one of our touch lamps which add a stylish element to your bedroom .

Table lamps are a great addition to any room from your bedside cabinet, living room sidebar, to your desk, your hall even if it's just to look good. No matter if your style is contemporary, traditional or the ever trending vintage style we will have a table lamp to suit you.  

A top Tip: You can use your table lamp to add a splash of colour, or character to a room, whether it's a serious banker style or trendy crystal table lamp they can add a level of class to any room.