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Wall lights provide an alternative lighting than your main ceiling light, subtly making your home that little bit more interesting, and can be used as part of a larger lighting scheme.  At JR Lighting we have a large number of wall lights to suit any room in your home, we pride ourselves on providing our customers service we'll help you find the right wall light for you at the right price.

Our Wall Lights collection is further broken into popular types of wall lights to help you find the perfect wall light for you.

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Free Delivery on Wall Lights Across Northern Ireland

Finding the right light for your room is important to create the right atmosphere and for functional use of light. Most modern home have a low ceiling, depending on the type of light you have in the centre of the room, wall lights can help illuminate the room more effectively.

JR Lighting offer the wide range of wall lights on our online shop and throughout our showroom to suits everyone's needs and tastes, however if you are on our website and cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get the ceiling lighting product you are looking for.

When you purchase any wall lights from the JR Lighting you will be covered with our one year guarantee, we also give each customer Free delivery on all wall lights orders over £50.

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