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Here at the Online Lighting Shop, we stock an excellent range of LED Floor Lamps that will fit into most contemporary settings. LED lighting is the way forward, as it’s cheaper to run, uses less energy than standard or halogen bulbs and is also safer as it emits less heat.

LED lighting also looks great combining modern lighting with traditional design so you dont have to compromise on style.

Browse our selection of LED Floor Lamps for the most efficient way of lighting your home.

Floor Lamps with LED lighting

LED Floor Lamps are definitely the way forward, LED costs a fraction of the price to run, emits less heat, is safer, kinder on the environment and looks great.  Here at the Online lighting shop we stock a huge range of LED lighting to go with your LED Floor Lamps.

At the Online Lighting Shop we supply a range of LED Floor Lamps to lighten up your workstation, we stock bendable LED lamps to position the light exactly where you need it.  We also stock a range of different fixtures from Modern Contemporary LED lighting to more traditional and vintage styled LED Floor lamps so you can find the fitting to suit your taste but with all the benefits of LED.

LED Floor Lamps are fast becoming the most popular form of lighting due to its many benefits

Energy Saving LED Floor Lamps

When you buy any LED Floor Lamp from the Online Lighting Shop you will be covered with our one year warranty, you are promised the best price available from our price promise.

We offer free delivery to the UK and Ireland on orders over £50

We offer a free bulb with all our LED Floor Lamps.