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We often need extra lighting spotlights provide a modern, stylish and versatile lighting solution, for any area of your home, with directional light just where you need it, whether it’s to highlight certain areas of a room which don’t receive enough light from your main ceiling light or to provide additional light.

At the JR Lighting we stock a number of big brands in the lighting industry to give you a wide selection of spot lighting from ceiling spotlights and wall spotlights, to kitchen spotlights, bathroom spotlights and specialist LED spotlights with contemporary light fittings, you can provide different lighting effects for any area of your home, including corridors and hallways, where light is often lacking.

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LED Spotlights - Energy Saving Spot Lights

As we look to improve our homes energy efficiency, one place we usually look first is our lighting, LED has revolutionised the lighting world giving brighter lighting and helping us cut down our electric bills. JR Lighting has an ever growing collection of LED spotlights and low energy spotlights for you to choose from with free delivery across the UK & Ireland on all orders over £75.